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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Water Coolers for an Office - Advantages and Tips

There are many benefits offered by water coolers in the office. More than the employees, it is the employers who are more benefited. Every human being needs water so as the employees. It helps the employees to maintain their focus. The employees will not have to leave the premises to get some refreshing water. Quite often it is seen that a water cooler provides a space for a mini - meeting of the employees. This replenishes their thoughts and minds. There are some employees who will take this as a perquisite.

The decision regarding the type of water cooler to be installed in the office premises is important. The bottled water coolers use a water tank for water supply while the bottle-less ones attaches itself to the office’s water supply through a filter.

In case a bottled water unit is installed, its cleaning schedule should also be prepared and implemented by the employer. This will reduce the chances of cross contamination among the employees in the office. Gentle cleaning substances like bleach can be used with cold water. Before use, i.e., after cleaning, it should be rinsed properly with hot water and dried.

A water cooler can be either rented or purchased. This decision is dependent upon the estimated costs and benefits from each of the options. The costs here include depreciation, repairs, rent and other variable expenses.

There are some companies offering free service to their clients while some of them a charge a good fee. The decision of selecting the company from whom the water cooler is to be purchased or hired is also dependent upon the number of coolers required in the office. The number of coolers will directly affect the purchase price per unit and also the rent per unit. More the number, the lesser will be the two.

The quality of the water coolers is an important matter of consideration in case of hiring the coolers. Every company offers a different quality product.

Hence, the installation of water coolers is immensely beneficial to the organisation. It is very important to make a perfect choice of the type of cooler to be installed and the method (buy or hire) to obtain them.


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